Promotion Request Letter To Manager

A promotion request letter is written in situation, where an employee has worked for many years and still the management has not considered him for a promotion to the next level.

As an experienced employee you need to write a promotion request letter to the manager of your department in a formal way. The letter should clearly mention how you have served the company and skills displayed to increase value of the company. You can also request for a meeting with the managers and concerned people to let then know about your issues.

There are times in a company where such political games can happen, where an experienced person is not given promotion and a junior is given a promotion. In such cases you need to write promotion request letter and once you have talked to the manager and nothing is been done, you can quit the job and get a new designation in a new company..

Sample Promotion Request Letter To Manager:

Subject: Promotion Request

Dear Simmons,

I would like to bring to your notice once again that I would like to have a promotion as sr software engineer. I have been working in the organization for past 4 years and my record shows I have the best skills in handling a team. I have already request you six months ago about my promotion and since then I haven’t been updated.

Being a part of this organization has always been great, I personally have dealt with many clients and brought back projects to the company. Having been awarded as the best employee thrice, I am keen the to know the exact reason, why I don’t have a promotion?

I have enclosed all the projects I have worked along with the training class I have provided to new employees. I am looking for a positive response this time and I feel you know my potential in handling pressurized work in this office.

Please consider my promotional request, will be waiting for a positive feedback.

Brain Jos