Proposal Acceptance Letter To Vendor

Follow the sample letter format on how to write a vendor proposal acceptance letter, vendor acceptance is a confirmation from the company to vendor that the proposal is accepted and also both are legally working together for certain time. Acceptance letter is replying to the vendor and also providing detailed information about what documents and guidelines the vendor should follow.

The letter or email should be written in details, like from which date they are going to work together and what restrictions the vendor has on the services or products. Below is a sample proposal acceptance letter to vendor.

Sample Proposal Acceptance Letter To Vendor:

Subject: Proposal Acceptance Letter

Respected Jackson,

We have had a delay in replying to your proposal letter, as we had to list out entire best vendors, to offer our services. Out of which your company was selected as one of the best and we are ready to accept your proposal. You will be our vendor from Nov 1st 2015, as we have the new project launching in this month.

You will handle all the marketing, advertising and digital media marketing. We are very clear with our terms and conditions; henceforth we want you to go through the complete guidelines document attached before signing. We are happy to accept the proposal as our research shows that you have been the best print and publishing company till date. Overall you will be handling our marking of our clients and products; we don’t need any delay in the final output.

I hope we can meet soon to discusses in personal and sign the required documents. You can come down any time to the office before Oct 25th 2015. If any other queries you can call us or reply to the same. Thanks so much for contacting us and we will always have a good mutual business.

Thank you,