Proposal Letter Advertisement

An advertisement of proposal letter is written by a business who intend to have their AD placed in a newspaper, magazine or online website.

The need for advertising is to take your product to the users locally or worldwide. When writing such letters you need to make sure to focus on the main point, as you are going to pay for the advertisement and the rate can be negotiable.

Proposal Letter Advertisement Sample:

Dear Sophia,

I am writing this letter to introduce about and advertising proposal related to one of our new printer Zopa X10, which is a dynamic with many new unique features. We have been into manufacturing of printers and scanners for 1 years and we have had great sales.

We are looking make an advertisement for the new printer model on your cover page of IT magazine. The rates are negotiable and. We have been giving ads in newspapers and television ads. For the first time we have opted for your magazine as we have seen the great circulation of your IT magazine.

I am confident that will be meet soon and discuss about the proposal. Once we are associated we have make every product that gets released will have an AD in your magazine.

You can contact me on the email or mobile 55599933993 for any queries.

Your Faithfully