Recommendation Letter Sample For Students

Students studying in business programs are required to submit a recommendation letter to admit in a business program, you need to draft a good recommendation letter when universities and colleges request a recommendation letter.

The Student recommendation letter should be taken from academic reference or high school teacher. The letter should contain sketches of the applicant’s activities, scholastic performance and organizational skills. Receiving letters of recommendation are an extremely important part of the optometry school application process, generally because they are necessary in order to be measured for admission.

Guidelines To Follow When Writing A Recommendation Letter:

  • The recommendation letter can be written in one long page
  • Write about the student’s accomplishments and skills
  • Start the letter with the name of the reader, else, write “”To Whom It May Concern”
  • Then write about the relation between writer and referred candidate
  • The Next paragraph should contain detailed information on the candidate’s academic skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills.
  • The next paragraph should tell the employer why the candidate is best and why he should be selected
  • End the letter to show you’re expecting a response.


Recommendation Letter Sample For Student From Teacher:

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with the assurance and self-esteem that I the science professor of David Petersam, a student of our school, David has been my student for four years and his extraordinary talent and impressive academic record have impressed everyone in our school. I solidly believe that David academic accomplishment is outstandingly excellent, he has won many awards and has a top ranked in all the subjects.

I personally recommend that a student like David is best for your university, as he has top scored in science out of 200 candidates. He has also participated in many seminars and has convinced with his knowledge he has on the subject. I truly recommend David for your science university.

I conclude the letter hoping strong recommendation for David. If you have any queries regarding his skills or academic performance you can contact me in reply to this letter or contact me via the number below.

Eva Lee