Reminder Email Sample For Event

The Email sample below helps you write a reminder email to any person regarding the event to happen soon, you just send a short email reminding him/her of the an event. While writing such an email you need to mention few important things like date, time, location, what the event is all about, how it would benefit.

An event reminder email is often sent by event managing companies or a company who is sponsoring an event and want their employees to attend. These kinds of emails should be drafted in short with complete information regarding the event. The sample email format below can help you write a reminder email about an event in a special way.

Sample Email Reminder For Event:

Dear Charlene,

This letter is to just remind you of of the college event happening next week, i.e. 20th October 2014 and as we are a team where we have we have always shown our delight in making the dance event the best ever. I personally request all my team to attend the event which will be held at Hyatt The Pike, Long Beach, California. I have also shared the route map below.

I personally once again request your all the event as it’s not only for us to party, but an event to show our skills. For any queries you can email me at the same or contact me via Skype.

Thank you everyone and will meet you at the event.