Renewal Of Lease Agreement Letter Format

A renewal lease agreement letter is written by a landlord to a tenant to extended the lease of a property further, the new renewal lease agreement should allows the tenant to continue to use the property as per the terms and conditions. Write this letter when the old agreement is going to expire very soon. The letter format should be very simple and if possible attach the renewal agreement.

Sample Renewal Of Lease Agreement Letter:


Subject: Renewal of Lease Agreement

Hi Martin,

As per out discussion last month in renewing the property for this year, I have attached the renewal agreement form, which you need to fill in the details and send me back. The terms and conditions of the property located in [address] is same but will extent till jan 27th 2016.

The expiration date of the old agreement is on 27th jan 2015 and according to our old agreement the rent of the property is to be increased by 10 percent and the renewal agreement stats the same. The agreement form attached below contains all the details for to fill in and hope so we will finish signing the deed very soon.