Rent Agreement Letter Sample

Follow the sample rental agreement letter to get an idea on how to write a rental agreement letter before making a rental agreement. The rental agreement is a way for tenant to write about the agreed terms and conditions ensuring there is no further inconsistency between the landlord and the tenant.

Sample Rent Agreement Letter:


Dear Andrew,

Subject: Rental Agreement Terms

Thanks for renting me the house for 2 years, I am writing this letter to make sure about the terms and conditions, I shall required to make the deposit of $15000 and also pay the rent amount of $2000 by 5th of every month. You have also agreed to use the parking for my car.

I will be getting into the apartments by 10th of April. I would like to confirm once again that if there is any change in the agreement letter please inform me of the changes and make sure you get an updated copy of the rental agreement letter. If there are no more changes, then i will use the same approved terms and conditions for 2 years.

I will be available on the same number or you can also email me the same.

Sincerely yours