Sample Business Invitation Letter

Follow the business invitation letter sample to invite business partners, clients or potential customers, when an organization holds an event, service, product launch or an annual function.

The format of the business invitation letter should be professional and should be brief. The letter must start off with the individual’s first name which includes a personal touch, as the business letters always should follow certain etiquette’s. The letter should be personalized and purpose of the invitation. Set a conventional date so that all the attendees will adjust then time accordingly.

Below is a business invitation letter sample that can help you draft quickly and make your individual or group emails format in the same way.


Business Invitation Letter Sample:


Subject: Business Invitation For The Mobile Launch

Dear Rosy,

The intent of the letter is to invite you to the launch of new products, Xgen mobiles have been trying to launch their new mobiles on 30th October 2014, the event will be held at the Xgen head office New Jersey around 11:30 am.

The event’s main aim is to launch the new product and also a seminar given by the companies head on where we are going to distribute the products. Xgen clients have been happy and waiting for the launch of the new products. We have also organized a new strategy to collect the feedback’s from customers about the new products.

You have been a valued customer of Xgen mobile and hope you will get all the required documents and collect your new mobile. For further queries contact the numbers provided below or reply back to the email.

Yours Sincerely,
Gill Lavi