Sample Donor Thank You Letter

A Donor thank you letter is written to thank a donor for their generous donation to a stated cause. These letters should convey the importance of donation received by the donor. It is a well-bred response take toward those who have responded to your request well before donation for any purpose or objective. An update on the cause of the grant was used to, be a courtesy by the sender.

Donor Thank You Letter Sample:

Dear Mr. Simmons,

I would like to thank you for your generous donation of $100. Your commitment to keep American Cancer Society. So important to our organization. When you support American Cancer Society you are part of something really special a community dedicated to making our home a more beautiful place to live and work.

Making this donation, you have removed the burden of the organization, we have been conducting several fundraising events and all the money directly goes in well being of cancer patients, we use them for better equipment, doctors, new research, with people like you making donations make our organization a better place to address every cancer patient and cure quickly.

We are most grateful for your donation. If you would like make donations or know someone who is prepared to donate, you can communicate with us at the number given.

Thanks again for your generous donation, and for being a great support.

Thanking you
American Cancer Society