Sample Email letter For Job Interest

A job interest letter is written when you have certain interests to work for the company, you might have already researched the company’s portfolio and will to know if there are any vacancy’s for your educational qualifications. When the company you’re looking to work for has listed a job opening, but not specifically listed what it’s looking out for exactly, this is the time an individual looks to write an email letter of job interest.

When writing a job interest letter ensure that you write a professional looking letter with why the company can hire you for a position, and what skills and experience you have to impress the hiring manager to recruiter you for a position. Also mention how you can be contacted in case the company feels you’re the right person to work in their company.

Go though the sample email letter for job interest sample below, and make changes where required.


Sample Email letter For Job Interest:


Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to let you know that am an MSCE/CCNA certified professional and have gone though you advertisement given yesterday in web portal. I have been willing to work for your company since I saw how valuable service and clients you provided. I have gone though the official website and didn’t find exactly what you have been looking for.

I have finished my graduation and certified professional in MCSE/CCNA and currently working a XYZ company in Texas. I have joined the company as a fresher and been working under a team of senior professionals, they have given me enough practical overview of all the systems and networking admin, I have been part of migrations, configurations and troubleshooting of high end servers and routers.

I have attached my resume where you can go through all my skills, roles and responsibilities in my previous company, I feel I have ability to work for your company and provide my services at the fullest. Hope you contact me soon for a face to face interview. You can contact me on 666-656-545 or email me back to the same.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.