Sample Farewell Letter To Brother

Writing a farewell or goodbye letter is always an emotional act that is attached to every relationship. You may bid farewell to your brother if he is leaving the family to a faraway place for long term.

Writing Farewell Letter To Brother:

[Zip Code]

Hi Peter,

I really don’t know how to react, I feel proud of your new employment contract and also sad that we need to leave without you for 2 long years.

I and mom felt so happy that you have been selected as the lead photography for the animal planet program on birds of safari. This is truly a great achievement and I wish you would also be one of the best photographers ever. From childhood you always loved photography and we wish you all the best.

We all miss you a lot, we have spent every day chat chatting, fighting and it’s a bit of pain to stay without you. Anyways life has to move on and we all are proud of your career.

Hope you will be back with us in 2017. Keep in touch with us, happy farewell.

You’re loving Sister