Sample Farewell Letter To Colleagues At Work

A professional farewell letter or email is a personal letter written to managers or colleagues. Many of us have great experiences working in various companies, it always hard to say goodbye. But, life goes on and one should start a new journey. Professional farewell letters should be written with all you personal thoughts and feelings; you can also add you contact details to ensure other can contact you in future.

When writing an email makes sure you add the group of department as the mail will reach all the employees part of the group.

Sample Farewell Letter To Colleagues At Work:


Dear my friends and colleagues,

I am so happy that I got a job offer in my home town, i am so unhappy that i have leave you all after working for 5 years. I am so happy to say that it was just because of my manager, boss and colleagues i was able to reach to a level of Team lead and lead a team of software engineers to giving out the best of applications.

I have two reasons for leaving my job, firstly I got an offer from the company which is located in my home town close enough to my house and secondly my parents requested me to come back, as they have planned my marriage in another 6 months. So I didn’t have any chance rather than to say goodbye.

I would thank my friends in the team who have always been behind my success; they have helped me when i was in pressure situations. I always want you all to attend my marriage; I will personally send invitations after the date is fixed.

Thanks once again to everyone. Let’s have a party to night.

You love,