Sample Letter Of Condolence On Death of Husband

Follow the letter sample to write your own letter when you want to send Condolence On Death of Husband.

Letter Of Condolence On Death of Husband Sample:

Dear Dorothy,

We are extremely sorry and shocked to learn of your husband`s death. I don`t know how to comfort and console you at this tragic loss of your husband.

He had been a great source of asset, inspiration and financial support to you and your children. My dear, face it bravely for you children`s sake. And then time is a great and wonderful healer. Soon it will help your overcome this overwhelming sorrow. My husband Tom and I feel so disappointed at this departure to the heavenly abode. We both greatly admired his qualities of head and heart.

Dear friend. I am always there to help you. Better you come over here with children for a few days.

With sincerest sympathy and condolences.
Yours affectionately