Sample Letter Of Leave Of Absence From Employer

A leave of absence letter is written to take permission from higher authority of a school, college, business or company. The absence letter should state the reason for the leave and number of days taken. An absence letter should be more formal and the wording and format should be very simple as an individual is looking to get the letter approved from the concerned department.

Below is a leave of absence letter format that can help you write a letter with ease.

Sample Letter Of Leave Of Absence From Employer



Subject: Leave Letter of Absence Application

Dear Susan,

I wish to inform you with great lament that I submit the leave of absence letter application due to unexpected sickness; I have been coming to office since 1 week with the health problem even after taking medications. Yesterday doctor has diagnosed my issues and asked me take 6 month rest.

I shall also submit my scanned copies of medical certifications. I will be taking leave effective from June 1st 2015 to 1st November. I will be using all my sick and vacation leaves from all the 6 months.

Before leaving I will complete all the required tasks of the project and submit security credentials to the team leader. I know I have been with this company for 5 long years and unexpected issues as such made me take the sick leave.

I would also like to meet you in private and discuss, please let me know when you will be available. I am also waiting for the approval request letter.

You’re sincerely