Sample Letters Asking For A Raise At Work

Write a salary raise letter to your boss, when you have been working since long in the company and the management has never considered increasing the salary as it has promised when joining the company.

A raise in salary letter might not look professional, but it’s highly required in certain circumstances where many small companies assure you in paying a hike in the salary after every 6 months, which actually don’t fall happen. In such situations the letter should be written asking for the rise as said in the joining letter. You can also mention about your prompt services provided to the company and never given the importance as the others. You can also indirectly give the management a hint to leave the company if the salary is not increased.

Salary Increase Letter Sample:

[Manager Name]
[Email ID]

Dear [Manager Name]

The intention of this email is to request a meeting with you to talk about my current pay package. While I am totally satisfied with the competitive compensation I picked up over the last two years at this company, I solidly believe I am merit more in light of my recent improvement and accomplishments.

I see the company grow quickly, but not the employee’s pay. I have been striving hard and working extra with huge responsibility because I know individual performance matter a lot to give a valuable output.

My accomplishments:

I have been getting new clients to increase the brand of the company
Have shown 100% uptime services
Handling all branch offices

Being a perfect person for the position, I hardly believe I have provided all the services without fail and never had a negative track record.

This is my final letter of communication, expecting a quick reply. In case of no response, you can see me resign the job. Hoping for a positive response from the management.

Your Respectful