Sample of Car Insurance Cancellation Letter

Car insurance cancellation letter is written to an auto insurance company to cancel the policy and refund the unused premium amount, the cancellation could be for any reason but an insurance company can only refund the money back if you have a strong reason.

Follow sample letter below to write a insurance cancellation letter.

Car Insurance Cancellation Letter Format:

Dear Mathews,

I am Suzann a car insurance holder in your company[company name], am writing this letter to let you know that i would like to cancel my car insurance policy of 5 years, i request you to process my cancellation request of policy number 7765677. As per you company rules states in the documents i see that we can cancel the insurance if we have a reason for cancellation.

As every one know that from last 2 years the county is in recession and my company has been effected badly, now i need the money for my mother’s operation. I am facing huge financial looses in my company and need the amount very quickly. I request you to refund the remaining unused amount and send me the cash in two weeks. I have attached all the required documents has stated in the policy letter of your company. If in case i miss anything please reply back so that i can send immediately.

I hope you can understand my problem, request you to process my cancellation request.