Sample Volunteer Proposal Letter

When you’re looking to get some experience in volunteership, you need to know, How to Write a Letter Asking to Volunteer? A volunteer is a person who is willing to provide service to an organization with passion and not for money.

A proposal letter for volunteership position should be written in formal tone describing your willing to work as a volunteer for an event.

Writing Volunteer Proposal Letter:

Respect Johnson,

I am Josh Hays, a student of university of new haven, am writing this letter to let you know how much am interested participating as a volunteer. When i heard about the animal event i was so excited and wanted to do the volunteership for free. The title of event is very true “Better than Humans”. I have finished my graduation and would like to spend my time working for events has such. From childhood i love animals and take care of them with lot of love. I think this event will be right place for to service for free.

I have been a animal and bird lover, my farm house is filled with different kinds of domestic animals. I bring up them with love not to earn income. Participating and providing a helping hand for events like yours would be a great joy and also i wish to get some experience. I can take a look at my CV attached below, to know more about my skills and strengths. I hoping for a positive reply from you.

Josh Hays