Solicitation Letter For Adopting Village

The sample solicitation letter for Adopting Village helps in owning a poor village or community of people in certain location in a country. A Solicitation Letter in better way to engage clients to donate money for cause, service, and event helping poor, church, team or anything that can help people in world. As an individual you can request for financial support and help Adopting Villages. Below is a sample Solicitation Letter For Adopting Village,

Sample Solicitation Letter For Adopting Village:



Dear Angie Nelson,

I am Daniel from XYZ organization; the intent of this letter is to let you know that our company is organizing an event for adopting of poor states in every country. The wealthiest people have come forward to help poor states in every country, they adopt a village nearby and help people in particular location, they ensure the people are getting every help need. This is a best way to help people worldwide without even taking the help of government.

This is a request letter on behalf of this company and event where you have the option to help the poor people in your location. If you can’t afford to adopt a village you can at least make a small donation that will be share with the poor. I request you to take a look at our website and make a online donation. You can also keep track of how we distribute the donated money.

We are the only organization that is striving to help the poor and have happy mankind ever. If you are keen to adapt a village you can personally call me or reply back to this email. The complete process will be sent you. You can select a village from the list. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Daniel (XYZ Organization)