Sweet Love Letter For Boyfriend

When a girl is in love, she always loves to express her feeling writing a wonderful sweet love letter, the emotions in the letter enough for a boy to know the true love of the girl. Follow the letter sample below and start writing a sweet letter to let know your boyfriend about your love and get engaged soon.

Sweet Love Letter For Boyfriend Sample Format:

Dear Sam,

You have been a best friend to me all these semester and I felt some change in my behavior when I don’t see you for a single day and when I closed my eye today and though of you, my heart says am in love with you. True Sam am in love from the first sight I saw you, but I wouldn’t express my feeling and writing this long love letter to let you know.

This 1 week of holidays looks like 1 year without you, am unable to concentrate on anything, I wish I would be there with you in the college. I am unable to share anything with my friends or family, I have been all time watching the photos on facebook. I don’t know if you really love me, but you are everything me and I want you. Please Sam I want you to be dressed in Blue color shirt when I see you next week in college, this is just to know you to love me.

Closing this letter with a kiss on your forehead.

With lots of love
From your sweet Sara