Termination Letter For Non Performance

Follow the sample letter format to terminate an employee for non performance in his/her job duties, termination letter are written with a reason, mention the reason clearly why the management has taken the decision. Termination letters are a bad remark on an individual as his career gets affected; hence every employee should strictly follow the company rules and regulation. Below is the sample termination letter for non performance.

Sample Termination Letter For Non Performance:

Dear Joe,

We are sorry to say this but you service for the marketing department of our company is no more required. The management has taken the decision to terminate you from the company; you will have to resign the job on 30th Nov 2015.

The sudden decision was taken because we have already informed you about the guidelines a marketing executive should follow in this company and your performance has never been till the mark. Since, last two months we have warned you about the performance. You have always been late to office, you couldn’t attend the client on time, and you haven’t reached your targets, this has been happening from past 1 year and now the management has listed out candidate with non-performance, we have sent termination letters to all the employees of different departments.

On 30th Nov you will have submit all the belongings to the company HR and in a week you can collect your reliving letter.

HR Department