Write A Corporate Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Write an impressive corporate sponsorship proposal letter which is a formal offer to do business where a party or person writes a corporate and private sponsorship letter for financial support. The main purpose of corporate sponsorship proposal letter is to obtaining a sponsorship which is a vital source of funding.

A sample corporate sponsorship proposal is an example of an rough draft for a proposal for a prospective applicant . Start the sponsorship letter with a description of the company and then write how the sponsorship can help the company become popular. Follow the sample letter below:

Corporate Sponsorship Proposal Letter Template


Company address:


Dear Mr Jeffery

I am Peter the managaing director of solor wind company PVT Limited, This is an introductory business sponsorship offer where we are launching an event here at california Georgia Ave, the event would constutue of display our new solor products. I am writing this letter for you to participate the event as a sponser to the event, keeping in mind that you’re a new company and need more of sponsorship to boost your business soon in the California area. We are have already around 10 new sponsors and would wish to have a business with you.

The event will be held on 25th November 2014, at the 2nd floor, Georgia Ave. We have almost different soloar brands to display and the large number of guest have already been invited and shown intrest. As a new company you can be benifited and get more popular doing business with us. You can be the top advertiser on our websites and kisko screens. This is right time for you to do business with us and have a mutual understanding, each sponsorship has different prices and you can contact us directly at the above address or email.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Thanking you