Write A Medical Fundraiser Solicitation Letter

If you are looking to collect funds for a medical event, cause or event, the medical Fundraiser letter assists you in professionally contacting the donor.

Fundraising letter should be written in a polite way asking for funds, the donation could be anything and you should make sure that you never write anything about how much the donation should be made; it’s the wish of the person donation to the medial cause.

What is medical fundraising?

A medical fundraising is a process where a medical, health care company treat patients for free or a minimum amount, patients in certain locations with less health care system; people don’t have good medical treatment. When treating such patient health care companies around the world travel to different place to provide free diagnosis and medical treatment. These companies ask for donations from other medical companies, hospitals, etc..With the collected amount they treat patients for free.

It’s not only about donation from other medical health care companies, but even wealthy people make donations. The best example one can give is the blood donations made in several countries, as many medical operations require the same blood groups in an emergency. So when you make donations to such medical campaigns the blood banks can offer to check blood groups, buy needles, serene bottles, beds, etc. Medical fundraising is a practice to be made in every country and people’s awareness can help many lives.

The sample Medical Fundraiser Solicitation Letter below can assist you drafting a letter on your own, but the format should be the same when getting in touch with the recipients. Make sure to mention the reason behind the medical campaign.

Sample Medical Fundraiser Solicitation Letter:

To Address

From Address

Subject: medical fundraiser solicitation letter

Dear Mirza,

New York University School of Medicine is starting world biggest medical fundraiser event camp for poor in Africa and mostly concentrating on people in the Amazon.

The medical fundraiser will start from December 21st and will run for a month covering all the children and adults suffering from diseases. The aim of this fundraiser event is to help people providing medicine for free. We have around 300 students from New York University participating in this event as a helping hand and gaining experience.

We request you to make a donation and contribute to the event “Helping Hands”. People, hospitals and health care centers have already come forward and made huge donations. Hope you get in touch with us soon and discuss in detail about the Medical fundraiser event.


Thanks you