Writing Apology Letter to Wife

Apology letter to wife is written when you have quarrelled or broke a promise, which made your wife feel sad. Apology Letters are written to apologize and make your wife happy.

Sample Apology Letter to Wife:

Hi Lisa,

I am really sorry baby, though it was our wedding anniversary and I didn’t keep my promise of taking you out tonight. I really apologize and I know how hard it is for you.

I know I can’t give any excuses, but the fact is I had an urgent meeting with a new client whom we have been trying to get the project since two years. I had to attend the meeting and personally display them presentations. The other happy thing to share on our marriage day is that the project was signed and I will be the heading the operation of the new project, it is my dream come true.

I am sorry for not picking up your call and even now am I can’t call you just because I don’t want to make you sad with all my excuses. Am at the airport and hopefully I will call you in front of the house in 2 hours from now with a gift. The gift is a surprise.

My management has given me 1 week leave, as I got the project approved. This one week i will spend every movement with you. Keep waiting. See you in hours darling!!!

Always Yours