Writing Business Introduction Letter Sample

Find below a free business introduction letter template, the sample letter helps an individual to script a business introduction when meeting a business client for a purpose.

Writing Business Introduction Letter Sample

Dear Michele,

I write this letter to introduce my new business which is to be launched on March 1st 2015; this is a new online business where we are planning to take grocery items to public. The intention of this business is to launch an online grocery store with all the items for different sector of people. This would be the first kind of business here in this country and we have already structured the concept very well.

As we have already known each other with our publishing business, I wish you would be a one of my partners. I have attached all the information about goods, store rooms, service, transport and other prospects we will be selling. I would also like to add that as this is first of such business, we can for gain lot for customer focus and goodwill.

Hope you would like the concept and we will be meeting soon to discuss about the business in personal.

Corey Anderson