Writing Complaint Letter About Power Failure

Complaint Letter About Power Failure: Take a look the sample complaint letter complaining to the editor about the frequent power failures in your location. The sample letter format is perfect way sharing these issues with the editor of a newspaper, so the government takes a quick action in resolving these issues.

Sample Complaint Letter About Power Failure:

Dear Sir,

Power-failures, load-sheddings and breakdowns in the power supply have become very common these days. Therefore, the people undergo a lot of inconvenience, discomfort and difficulties. Sometimes there is no power-supply for hours at a stretch and there is a total blackout. It gives rise to criminal activities as the anti-social elements find it easy to operate under the cover of darkness.

During the hot and sultry months of summer, these power cuts make the consumers suffer very badly. It has also adversely affected our industrial and business activities.

The power-generation should be immediately increased and its supply system streamlined. The authorities apprehensive should realize their responsibility and duty towards the consumers.

Yours faithfully