Writing Job Contract Agreement Email Letter

Few companies offer job’s on contract basis, the employee is requested to sign an agreement letter in order to accept the agreement and would follow the terms and conditions of the agreement letter.

A job contract agreement letter is written by the company that has already haired the employee and finalize the deal after signing the agreement. Normally a contact would end after sometime, so the company needs to enter all the details about the salary, who would pay, when the contract begins and ends, what happens if the employee doesn’t stick to the rules. Follow the sample job contract agreement letter below:

Sample Job Contract Agreement Email Letter


Mr Imran Tahir,
Email Id:

Subject: Job Contract Agreement Email/Letter

Hi Imran Tahir,

This is Miller writing to you on behalf of JobHub Consultancy, to let you know that you have been selected for the role of technical executive for company Amazon on contract basis for 1 year. You would be working under the payroll of JobHub consultancy for 1 year and we would like you to sing in the agreement of contact bond before starting to work for the company from 1st August 2015. Below are the terms and conditions you would adhere, also the read though the agreement attached, make a digital signature and reply back to the same email ID.

• You would start working for the company from 1st August
• The bond period for 1 year
• Salary would be deposited in back account on 1st of every month
• You need to mail us for any leave request or feedback about the work.
• Your monthly salary would be $900
• You can apply for 24 paid leaves for the whole year.
• In case of performance issues, you would have an official warning and then terminated after one month.
• You would be paid the salary of the month in case of termination.
• You would us our login IDS to enter details about shift timings, leaves and comments.
• If there is any requirement you will have to move to different office locally.
• You would be working for 5 days a week. Starting 15 days would be morning and next 15 days would be night shifts.

Hope you would follow the terms and conditions, I request you to strictly follow the rules. Please sign the attached document and reply back to the same.

Miller (JobHub Consultancy)