Writing Leave Letter For Sister Marriage

Follow the sample leave letter written for sister’s marriage, you write such letters to a company, principle in school or college. So it’s important that these kinds of letter are bit of emotional touch. While applying a leave letter for sister’s marriage makes sure you mention the number of days and location of marriage.

Follow the sample leave letter for sister’s marriage

HR Department Cray
New York, NY

Sub: Leave Letter Application

Respected sir,

I request you to grant me leave for 5 days, as i need to attend my sister marriage located in San Francisco, she is the only one i have in the family and for sure I need to take care of all the arrangements.

I am using my leaves for the first time in 2 months and I hope there is dedication in my salary. I will back to office on 2nd June. I have assigned few of my pending works to Taylor and have also mailed my password to my manager in-case to access my PC.

For any further queries you can mail me back or call on 89799879879.

You’re sincerely