Writing One Day Leave Application Letter Sample

Learn how to write a one day leave letter to a company, the sample application letter helps in drafting a one day leave when you need on emergency purpose for personal reasons. One day leave letter is taking permission from the company at that movement or a day before.

When you are in office and you suddenly receive a call about an emergency and you have leaved the office at that movement. It’s always good that you write a short leave letter about the issues and inform the floor manager.

Below is the sample one day leave application letter.

Sample Writing One Day Leave Application Letter:

Software enginner


Subject: Emergency one day leave letter

Respected Arnold,

I am writing this letter to inform that I require leave for this one day. I have been in office at 10 AM and I received a call at 10:30 AM where my uncle had met an accident and he is now on the way to hospital.

Due to sudden call I have to leave the office right away. I have informed the team lead about the issues. If possible I will be working overtime in the evening to finish my work.

Yours Sincerely