Writing Warning Letter To Employee Template

A warning letter to employee is written when he/she is not following the company rules. The sample letter template will assist you in writing the warning letter to employee as a first official warning before terminating.

Sample Warning Letter To Employee Template:

Dear Samules,
This is a final warning letter; despite of server notices sent from the higher authorities you seems to lack the punctuality. I have gone through your time sheet of last 3 months and was totally unsatisfied with you timing to office. You have logged in to your work at 11AM from past 1 week.
The number of leaves you have take also suggest you are not interested in working with the company. You performance has drastically lowered and work submission has been delayed. We are unaware of such attitude from a senior employee who has worked with for 5 years.
There was a personal request from your supervisor which has stopped us from terminating you from the job. Take this as final warning and get back to what you were all these years. We will have a personal meeting at 5PM in my office, please come along with your supervisor.


Your Sincerely